BesTrans launches new fiber optical cable- HDMI 2.0 Type D to A detachable 4K60Hz 100m/ 328ft.

DATE: 10-22-2018

BesTrans Technology Co., Ltd., a world leading manufacturer of professional audio video transmission/ switching technology, is proud to officially announce the launch of the new Fiber HDMI AOC cable.

BesTrans Fiber Optic HDMI cables supports high definition connection between your Blu-ray, DVD, game console, computer, professional video and HDTV.

Main features:

1.Plug and play.

No External Power Supply needed.

Hot swappabl

2.Thin construction

The sleek cable can be easily concealed or installed in walls.

BesTrans Fiber Optic HDMI cables can be installed in the concealed locations, conduit, plenum spaces and cabling


3.Supports 3D data transmission

4.Up to 100M (328ft) long distance transmission

5.100% EMI-Free and without signal loss.

6.With bandwidth up to 10.2Gbps.

7.Easy to Use:

No additional extenders, baluns or amplifiers are needed.

No external power supply needed.

BesTrans compact Fiber Optic HDMI cables are thin, durable, plenum rated and pre-terminated with HDMI type-D connectors, which eliminate the need for time-consuming fiber terminations and the need for costly fiber optic tools.

8.Supports 4K

9.Supports Stereo Audio

10.Fiber Optic HDMI vs. Copper HDMI

Weight: 70% weight less than Cooper cables

Long distance and multi-point distribution of HD video

Cooper: with Sender/ receiver system, video quality and HDMI handshake be compromised

HDMI FIBER: without external TX/RX system, high quality

11.Bending Ratio: Dynamic 20D and Static 10D

12.Low Consumption: No more than 250mW